OIG is Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with offices in a number of Countries around the Globe. 
We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality of expert services in the United States, Europe, and
the Middle East, and soon in Africa. Our well trained and experienced personal, whether it’s
Skilled or Semi-skilled Manpower (Labor Services) or Security Protection services; all of our Management,
workforce and industry specific resources are ready and waiting to travel to your required destination, no matter where it is in the world.  Either hostile or non hostile, OIG is dedicated to this kind of work, providing you with the most comprehensive, strategic and discrete personnel

 OIG also provides "crisis response services” where the Client requires immediate expert opinion or physical
assistance that can be "deployed immediately on a short notice situation“ specifically with emergencies. 
OIG ‘s global operations are supported by 24/7 local expertise, with an international team dedicated to
providing the most effective services, implemented by professionally trained and licensed specialists.

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